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Job/ Career Psychic Tarot Reading- Two Questions

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Are you looking for Career guidance or advice on your job search ? This Tarot Reading will give brief insight and answer two of your questions. I will email you your reading with photos of your custom card spread within 3-5 working days, usually earlier.
I offer one follow up question should you need it. 

Please forward :-
1. Your full name .
2. Your email address to send the reading to.
3. Your two career related questions

About Alchemist Tarot Readings:-

Experience and intention
I am a Professional Tarot Reader and have been reading Tarot Cards for 28 years. I have the Psychic abilities of Claircognizance (clear knowing) and Clairvoyance 
( receiving information visually). I use these gifts alongside tarot to provide an in depth and accurate reading. As an Empath I can also feel others emotions and read energy. Should you purchase a reading from me, it will come from a place of truth, light and, compassion . I work with Spirit for your highest good at all times.

Readings to Empower
I do not make decisions for you, my aim is to give you clarity, guidance, and insight on your journey. I aim to to empower you with the clarity and knowledge to choose the best path or decision forward for yourself. To give you peace of mind, reassurance and where possible something positive to look forward to. A Reading will very often confirm what your intuition has already flagged up to you.

Should you purchase a reading from me, it will come from a place of truth, light and, compassion. My readings are completely honest, i don't sugar coat the facts. My intention is always working to the highest good of my clients. As a Lightworker and Empath, I am genuinely invested in my clients well being. I like to build up a relationship with my clients, many return time and time again which is lovely. 

Confidentiality and Ethics 
I can assure you of total confidentiality and I do not make any judgements on personal situations. Please note due to strict ethics i do not do readings on Legal, Medical or Pregnancy matters thank you for your understanding. 

Free Will and Reading Expectations
Please remember the readings i provide are not written in stone, and are meant for insight and guidance. I have no control over the free will of anyone involved in the reading. Therefore I can only read the cards as they are presented to me. Any decisions, or change of direction made by any party in the reading can drastically alter the outcome of your path and life. Similarly if you are not happy with the outcome of your reading, you can change your life direction and course with your decisions.

Disclaimer: I am required to state readings are given for entertainment purposes only and no guarantee is given to the accuracy of the reading. The user is responsible for their own life choices and decisions. I am not qualified to give legal, financial, medical or any other kind of advice. Advice should be sought from a suitable professional. By using this service you are confirming that you are over 18 years old and that you agree and understand the terms above. 

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